Every collection starts with one.    Always wanted a Playboy Pinball Machine.    We finished our basement and we had a room that was big enough for a pool table.    The opportunity to buy this 1989 Playboy Pinball came along and I took the plunge.   Drove to DC and managed to bring it home in our station wagon -- in pieces.  I knew nothing about fixing these machines.    Well, you learn fast once you own one.      Why is this machine so collectible?   Well, a couple of reasons.   First, much of the artwork on the playfield is done by Leroy Neiman.    The Playboy female cartoon figure is called "Femlin" and you'll find her all over the playfield .     Some other trivia, all the Playmates signed the playfield, including Shannon Tweed (aka Gene Simmon's "girlfriend").    The Playfield features the Playboy Mansion; the grotto; the Gameroom and even the occasional monkey and peacock if you look close.    Of course, the backglass also features Hef's last wife, Kimberly Conrad.      All in all, a great collectible with wonderful artwork !











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