Twoplays25 or "two plays for $.25" is what you used to get...   and those days are long gone.   

Today, if you can even find a pinball machine on location, get ready to pay $1.00 or more to play 3 balls.      
Pinball machines are quickly disappearing from corner stores, bars and restaurants and are rapidly being converted
to home use only collectibles.     Pinball collectors usually run out of room before they run out of money.   

The pinball collector market is thriving and new collections start everyday.    Today, the value of some pinball machines
from the 1990's that were manufactured by Williams and Bally are now worth upwards of 3 times (or more) of the
original cost of the machine when it it was new, depending upon condition.   
Back then, a new machine cost about $1,600 USD.

What's the attraction?  It's not just about playing pinball but rather, it's the combination of lights, artwork, physics, music
and gameplay -- plus the project nature of restoring these works-of-art that makes Pinball such a great hobby.     

No two games are ever the same on a Pinball Machine.     As Harry Williams put it best, "the ball is wild".

Got Pinball?  



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