1996 Bally   
       Cirqus Voltaire   

Cirqus Voltaire quickly became a highly collectible and sought after pinball title after the closing of the Williams and Bally Pinball Business. 


My Cirqus Voltaire (CV) was acquired through my distributor -- and I got a good surprise.    I was looking for this  title and my distributor happened to have one in upstate New York.     It had light use and was in storage.    I bought it sight unseen.   When it arrived, I noticed that it looked a little different than some of the pictures I had seen on-line -- but I couldn't figure out exactly why it looked different.   After I had the game delivered and spent some more time examining the playfield, I came to find out that I had actually got lucky enough to buy an early sample, number 120.            


    Each game shipped with a different color neon tube!
 Neon Lighting in the Playfield came in different colors


 The backbox scrolls were an optional item which were originally very hard to find.  



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