1972 Corvette:       Engine Update Pictures  




1972 Corvette (C3) 

Stingray Coupe
350/200 hp 

Engine Restoration and related technical information

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 Engine Systems Update

 Assorted Notes & Details related to the restoration of the 1972 Corvette (C3) small block 350 base engine with air-conditioning (AC) .

 When I bought this 1972 350/200, the engine had been restored with the look of an LT-1, including the aluminum finned valve covers.
 Since it's not an LT-1, and many of the hoses were misrouted etc, I've been methodically putting the car back to "exact" stock original.

  Below, is a picture of the engine bay the day I bought the car.    Notice the black alternator and wiper door diaphragm, aluminum valve
  covers with stand-offs, missing RH ignition shield etc.

Step one in figuring out what was even missing involved having the car flight 
judged by six NCRS (National Corvette Restoration Society) judges who were
all experts in the 68 - 72 Corvette model.      This was a 7 hour  process that 
uncovered every .. and I mean everything that was potentially or actually not
correct with this car.    Over 38 years, lots of stuff gets changed or repaired to
not factory standard.   The goal is to put this Corvette back to "as delivered" 
condition .. or a reasonably close facsimile :-)

Step one was getting the ignition shield supports painted to match the engine.    Then started locating all the parts...

Still the original (replacement) carb.. that will need to go too...   While it works.. it's not correct for this Corvette and date codes are totally wrong.

Here we are at interim step one.

And here we are at the end of 2011  with the hoses re-routed thanks to having found all the correct connection hardware etc. to facilitate this part of the 
restoration.    Even the tape connecting the hoses is how it should be.





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