1972 Corvette Stingray / Original Order Copy



Original Corvette Order Copies

This two page order was found in the interior of the car when a body on restoration was done back in 1982.

After I bought the car from Owner #3 (Dan), I was thinking about the story he shared about how the prior owner (female) had the car restored before he bought it back in 84'.    He explained how the prior owner (Sandra) was  a real Corvette Enthusiast and had the car fully restored.

We bought the car in Ohio and actually DROVE IT back to Philadelphia.    What a blast.   6.5 hours -- like a bullet across Pennsylvania.

On the way, had plenty of time to think about the latest purchase and it was then that I decided I'd write a letter to the 2nd owner (whose name was on the title since she sold the car to Owner #3).

Took a picture of the car and penned a letter.   Mailed it in August and figured it might take a while -- but MAYBE just maybe I'd get a response.

A couple days before the Christmas Holiday, I come home to find my answering machine blinking.    Play the message and it is HER!

2nd owner received my letter -- and was happy to hear from me.    Called her back and got the full download on the car.

She then sent me the Order Copies you see on the left -- along with 16 photos of the car being restored (taken down to glass) back in 1982.

Can't begin to thank her enough!!

So, this car ordered on 5/11/72... born on 5/24/1972 and delivered sometime in June.     
Turns out.. my birthday is in June ... and the VIN has my birthdate in it.   If that isn't a sign this car was meant to be.. .I don't know what is.   :-)


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